AAW Global Logistics provides a full range of import and export airfreight services.

As a Regulated Air Cargo Agent AAW Global is ideally suited to handle those important and urgent airfreight deliveries.  Our services include:

  • International and Domestic Airfreight
  • Local transport
  • Full airfreight documentation
  • Full delivery through door to door
  • Full or part aircraft charters to handle very large project shipments.


Pls note that Air freight is calculated on chargeable weight , explained as follows:

Formula : 6000 cubic centimeters per kg.

Example: Volumetric calculation

1 pallet: 140 x 100 x 90 cm.  Actual Volume = 1.26 cubic meters (cbm).  Actual weight = 150kgs.

Calculating Volumetric Weight: 1.26 cbm divided by 0.006  =  210

210 is the volumetric weight of the shipment in Kilograms.

The highest figure, either actual weight or volumetric weight, will be used to calculate the airfreight charges.  In this example the volumetric weight will be used as 210 kgs is higher than the actual weight of 150 kgs.


For further information or a detailed proposal please contact your local representative or follow the link to Request a Quote