Port of Newcastle K2 Ship Unloader

33.00m L x 17.00m W x 62.00m H and with a single piece weight of 750 tons. From Phu My, Vietnam to Newcastle, NSW, Aust. via Heavy Lift Vessel with a combined tandem lifting capacity of 2200 mts. More than 2 years of detailed planning & co-ordination of engineering between stakeholders was paramount to ensure the safe delivery of the SUL. The machine undertook final assembly at the Port of loading and was discharged directly on the rails at K2 Berth, Port of Newcastle.

Beverage Grade Distillery Plant

Multiple shipments of Columns, Reboilers & Tubular Heat Exchangers from Belgium & Venice to Port Kembla, NSW with individual dimensions of up to 34m in length and 69 tons per piece. A combination of different shipping options was needed utilising RORO from Belgium and Part Charters from Venice to Australia.

Petroleum Pressure Vessel

POL: Geelong, VIC.
POD: Brisbane, QLD.
Dimensions: LWH 34.755 x 5.242 x 5.163m / 110T

Precise planning was required to deliver the completed Pressure Vessel with special attention paid to lifting & lashing points that would meet the needs of both road & sea transport. Integrity of the pressure vessels was paramount with any damage requiring an expensive fix and prolonged shut down of refinery. With lifting of power lines and rail crossings among the challenges to coordinate, the delivery was successfully completed in the early hours of the morning.

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